Are You Sick And Tired Of Not Making Money Online?

Do you take Internet Marketing Seriously?

How long have you been trying to make money online without any success? What is it that you are you doing wrong? Are you sick and tired of people saying that you should give up and get a “real” job? The reality is that only 5% of Internet marketers are making money online and 95% are making NADA! why is this? Why are so many people failing?


  • Don’t Know what works Visit any Internet Forum out there and you’ll get a load of conflicting information. Some of the information is valuable and a lot of it is rubbish, you may also be tempted by products on Clickbank which offer the world but deliver nothing. You need to have advice which you can trust, from people who are not concerned with only taking your money.
  • Limited Knowledge Learning the ropes takes a long time and some people work for months or longer without making a sale and some never do! You need to quickly acquire the knowledge or you will continue to make mistakes and will remain stuck, I know that from personal experience. The people within my Skype mastermind group make sales within days from new websites, get on the first page of Google within hours, make thousands of dollars a month, are you achieving this?
  • Can’t Afford the tools it’s a hard fact of life but you do need tools to automate your online activities and unfortunately these tools are expensive easily costing hundreds of dollars. However without them you just can’t compete, it’s a fact! Because there just aren’t enough hours in the day and if you’re doing this only part-time you really do need to make the most of your time or you will fail.
  • It’s the company you keep! Working for yourself is hard, you’ve got to have goals and you need to stay focused.if you’ve got no idea of where you’re going then what can you expect to get? You have to work hard too and be prepared to treat your Internet business just like you would the traditional brick and mortar version. Having support and encouragement from people who are successful is essential too and by mixing in the right circles you will build strong business relationships, get regular work and start making a good living online.

I remember when I was lucky if I made $20 a week, I frequently considered giving up on Internet marketing and going back to my day job. I was persistent though, because I could see there were opportunities and I knew that I could make a full time living online.

Why was I failing?

I couldn’t afford the tools I needed, I was struggling to pay my web hosting and spending $100’s of dollars on software was simply not an option. What choice did I have? I had to make my own, so I studied the problems people were having and the main problem I discovered was how people were managing their time. I could see that automating repetitive online activities was essential. I needed to have applications where I clicked a button and tasks which potentially could take me hours to do were done on autopilot. My very first Internet Marketing application was a resounding success, not only did it make me thousands of dollars in sales, but it also led onto freelance work for some successful high profile Internet Marketers.
I didn’t have the knowledge needed
Now there’s a lot of good resources out there where you can learn the ropes and develop your Internet marketing skills, but the problem is knowing what works and is worth you are investing money in. There’s a lot of conflicting information about the subject and its easy for the newbie Internet marketer to get lost and to invest their time and money in strategies that don’t work.


Here’s The Answer To Your Problems

Automated Toolkit is your one stop resource for the latest custom traffic building software and tools and strategies used by top experts in the industry. Every month I develop new and powerful tools to ensure your success online. Watch your websites quickly get great placement in the SERPS and consequently see your online earnings increase.

Automated toolkit is all about sharing and developing our Internet marketing skills via collaboration, workshops, seminars and training. Members can request to have software developed which will then be built and offered to the group as part of their subscription. This gives us an advantage over our competitors as the availability will be exclusively for members.

I am proud to be offering this service to my members and I believe that I have developed a unique and valuable resource for the Internet marketing community.

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This membership site was created to help Internet marketers of all levels to increase the exposure of their websites, to teach and empower them and to connect them with like minded individuals. Being successful means building relationships with other people, sharing knowledge with the true spirit of democracy. This is a community which will help you to succeed online and I’m dedicated to your cause, I will do everything I can to help.

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Skype Mastermind Group

When signing up for membership please send your skype ID and Paypal transaction ID over to me and I’ll get you added to the group within 24 hours.


Ask most Internet marketers who are doing well, “What is the secret of your success?” And they will most likely say that the secret to making money online is automation. There are just too many activities which need to be accomplished in a day and if you are doing everything manually then you are really “backing a loser” and leaving money on the table.

Work Smarter – Not Harder

I’ve been making good money online for a while now and that’s only been made possible by creating software to automate my Internet marketing activities. If you want to succeed, then you’ve got to work smarter, not harder, I’m not saying that it’s easy, I still work full time at home (and believe me I do put in some hours!), but a least I do work from home.

I’m offering you the opportunity to get something that I didn’t have. I had to go out and purchase development tools to create the software I’m offering on my membership site and that has demanded a considerable financial investment on my part.

I raised that money by using free tools to create software and guess what? As a member I’m going to teach you how to use the free software I used to make thousands of dollars online and not only that, I’m going to give you all of the software which I’ve developed and will develop in the future… how awesome is that?

The Best IM Software/PLR And Training

The best part is I’m going to offer you the opportunity to try my service for only $5 for 14 days!

In the first month I’m going to give you an application which you can sell as your own, How awesome is that?

Here’s what you will receive in your first month’s membership:

  • Backlinker professional – Full version of this powerful software
  • TwitterBot- Complete follower management for your Twitter profiles. Currently selling for $20 but free to you in your first month’s membership.
  • Software PLR pack – easily worth $200, and one of the applications in the pack allows you to easily create your own software products!
  • My Rapid Indexing software which you can sell as your own, or use to start an easy $20 an hour business. Easily worth $70!
  • My Power File Search software ($20) which finds virtually any file online. Great for discovering if your products are being shared online.
  • My WordPress Squeeze page pack – I currently sell one template for $20 but you’ll be getting a whole selection
  • A video tutorial showing you how to make your own software.
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Video tutorials
  • Fresh PLR
  • A Skype Mastermind group, where you can talk to me and other Internet Marketers who are trying out the coolest money making strategies. You’ll be able to request software you’d like to have created. We will also bring in successful Internet Marketers ,product devlopers and SEO Masters, and you’ll get the opportuinity to pick their brains and learn the secrets of their success. We will also be running workshops! We have a lot of exciting things in store for you. More and More of the best PLR as I purchase it for my members.

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Join us for a month and if you are not 100% satisfied and totally blown away by our service then let me know and I’ll give you a full unconditional refund with no questions asked. There is absolutely no risk on your part whatsoever.

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